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This site is totally dedicated to education abroad consulting and is aiming at the Russian audience -  this is the reason all the materials are in Russian here. So this page is the only one in English to introduce Intellectual to our partners.


Intellectual was established in Moscow in 1995 as a professional consulting agency. Dealing with both individuals and groups, we try and satisfy all needs of our clients of any age and interest. We work with our partner schools, colleges and universities all over the world on the basis of direct association agreements. This gives Intellectual an opportunity to provide high quality programs at reasonable prices and caring counseling.  Despite the fact we have a solid experience of sending a lot of language students to short term courses we at the same time are targeting at increasing the number of academic students of all ages and groups. We believe managing a large number of both language and academic customers makes the company more sufficient and competitive.


Based on the market demand, our main destination is Great Britain, but we also deal with schools and universities in Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Malta, etc. At the moment we successfully collaborate with more than 300 education providers all over the world, nevertheless we are open for cooperation with new educational institutions. Annually we send over 250 students to study abroad.


Intellectual is a member of Association of Russian Educational Advisors (AREA) and participates in StudyWorld (ARELS), ICEF, WEBA, ALPHE, MEI RELSA and other events of this kind on a regular basis.


Intellectual can boast its tight relationships with quite a number of Russian top-ranked private schools. This gives us the opportunity to recruit not only a fair amount of individuals and groups for vacation courses but also offer academic courses as an option for Russian education. Besides the MBA and executive courses are rather in popular demand among the parents who can afford the best and most expensive education for their children.

Intellectual was the first one in Russia to introduce master-classes as a marketing move to attract students by integrating them into education process. Now after so many years of successful experience we believe this method works not only with school children but with executives as well.

Intellectual is not an agency spreading its resources to as many directions as possible. We have been on the market for quite a long time to tell the most efficient marketing channels. So we carry out promotional campaigns together with partner institutions: participate in certain exhibitions and fairs, publish leaflets and brochures on precise subjects, organize presentations and master-classes, arrange interviews with prospective students. We also fulfill different promotional actions by introducing our services and partners to public by providing free counseling at the places concentrating a big number of potential clients such as sports clubs etc.

How to find Intellectual

The nearest metro stations are Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya or Pushkinskaya. These are the stations basically located in one place (Tverskaya street) but of the different lines.After walking down Tverskoy Boulevard for about 5-7 minutes, take a right turn to Malaya Bronnaya street (you will see the restaurant on the corner). We are located in this corner building of green color, the first entrance from the boulevard with a metal cap over it. Ring the bell and enter, then come up to the 4th floor and turn right. Ring for room #405.

Please see the precise address as follows:

Office 409, 2/7, Malaya Bronnaya st.,
Moscow, 123104  Russia
Tel/fax: +7 (495) 921-40-35


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